Nowadays, passenger cars are packed with electronics

Who would have thought even a hundred years ago, when cars simply had an engine, four wheels and a steering wheel, that nowadays cars such as Tesla will be able to move on the road on their own or even inform the driver about a possible danger on the road by monitoring it what is happening around the car in real time. For several decades, cars have become more and more comfortable, they can ensure that the journey will be a pleasure, not a torment. Let’s take a closer look at the air conditioning system, thanks to which our body does not boil inside the car on hot days, and in winter and humid days we are able to quickly cause our windows to evaporate. Which device is responsible for such amenities?

What means that we do not have to worry about the simplest activities while driving, such as changing the headlights from daytime to low beam?

Of course, we are talking about the so-called comfort modules, which in today’s cars, thanks to advanced integrated circuits, are able to control almost every aspect of driving and its operation. This type of module controls, among other things, the central locks, which in current cars can open the tailgate with the remote control. In addition, in premium class cars, solutions such as a dusk sensor are available, which automatically turns on the appropriate lights in the car. In turn, the rain sensor can automatically adjust the operation of the front wipers, thanks to which, during difficult weather conditions such as heavy rain, we will not have to switch the speed of the front wipers every now and then, and the rain sensor connected to the comfort module will automatically adjust their speed to the prevailing conditions. For each car, you can attach such a comfort module: -bsi . therefore, do not hesitate and check if your car is compatible with this online product!