Air damper and its operation

Every car has a throttle that determines the way the vehicle works. Contrary to appearances, the throttle has a huge impact on how the car functions, and without this element, for example, acceleration is impossible, and this completely prevents the correct operation of the car. The air damper supplies air to the engine cylinders, making … [Read more…]

Nowadays, passenger cars are packed with electronics

Who would have thought even a hundred years ago, when cars simply had an engine, four wheels and a steering wheel, that nowadays cars such as Tesla will be able to move on the road on their own or even inform the driver about a possible danger on the road by monitoring it what is … [Read more…]

Has your injection pump failed?

Has your diesel engine been diagnosed with an injection pump failure? Are you wondering how much it will cost you to replace it and why do you simply have to decide on it in the world? First of all, let’s start with the fact that the injection pump is responsible for a very important activity, … [Read more…]

Do you have a problem with the ABS system?

You notice that when braking or driving the car, it behaves incorrectly, so know that it is high time to start working and, most importantly, look at such a defect through the prism of the problems that ABS may create. It is the ABS system, maybe for many reasons it is quite a situation when … [Read more…]

Is it worth using used car parts?

As we all know, the repair of a car, and thus some components or parts, can cost us a lot, especially if the existing ones are not suitable for further use. Of course, then, unfortunately, the first thing that comes to mind is why it has to pay so much, and just look at how … [Read more…]

ABS pump in the car

As you know, more and more modern solutions appear on the market over time. This is the case in virtually every field and everywhere – including the automotive industry. Until some time ago, cars were made simple and basically did not have a lot of electronics. In many cases, if someone had any idea, he … [Read more…]

Do you have a problem with the gearbox?

Have you noticed that shifting gears has been a real problem for some time and are you even afraid that the whole gearbox will fall apart soon, which will expose you to additional and unnecessary expenses? Therefore, do not hesitate to take appropriate steps in this direction, especially if, as mentioned above, when shifting gears … [Read more…]

Original engine controller

Currently, computers are equipped with various types of electronic components. Controlling many elements of our cars is done digitally, our dashboards are currently packed with various types of displays. We can control, for example, air conditioning, or windows and mirrors. However, the electronics in our engines have been present for many years. Basically, the engine … [Read more…]


Normally, depending on how modern is your car, its dashboard is stuffed full of various sensors and readers of current vehicle status. Generally, each of sensors indicates emergency or malfunction of a subassembly, informs you also that you should visit a car diagnostic centre to supplement or replace a component. Although dashboards may differ from … [Read more…]

ECU / Engine control unit

The principal reason for implementing electronic computers in cars was to reduce exhaust emissions and facilitate repairs, if any. In the latter case the opinions are rather quite divided and ambiguous.  The fact is that due to the use of such device in a car, any defect may be found much more faster and easier. … [Read more…]