How does the air conditioning work in the car?

Air conditioning is one of the options in the comfort system that many modern cars are equipped with. It allows you to create an optimal temperature in the cabin both in winter and summer. Therefore, it is worth finding out what the specificity of this system is, what is the difference between the standard version and the modification for several zones, and how it differs from an ordinary air conditioner.

What is heating and air conditioning control

Gradually, air conditioning in cars was improved, and instead of manual devices, automatic systems began to appear, which cool the air by themselves in summer and heat it in winter. An air conditioning unit is a system that provides autonomous air conditioning in a car. It has manual control settings and an Auto function. Using the electronic control panel, you can heat or cool the entire space in the car or in a separate part of the cockpit.

In summer, it is often hot in the car, usually in this case the windows are slightly closed. However, then the air flow is difficult to control, and as a result, we can catch a cold or inflammation of the throat or middle ear. If you turn on the fan, it will distribute the hot air in the cabin, which is also not an appropriate solution. However, the air conditioning control system adjusts the operation of the air conditioner or heater depending on the parameter set. Therefore, we can very precisely select the desired temperature and maintain it, regardless of the conditions outside.

The air control system is a combination of electronic and mechanical devices that maintain the microclimate in the car without the need for constant monitoring by the user. Like any component in a car, the air control system can also fail. However, in the online shop at Air-conditioning – air flow controller , we can buy a used air conditioning control panel in car at a great price. Of course, we choose a model that is suitable for our car and its brand.