How does power steering system work?

In every car, the structure of the steering system is basically the same, it consists of a steering wheel, a transmission and a steering column. Most of the currently produced cars use a rack gear, commonly known as a power steering gear, a solution found in cars with front-wheel drive. In the case of rear-wheel drive cars, we can find worm or screw gears.

What enables an easy steering of the vehicle axle?

Moving the wheels by means of ordinary mechanical gears would require the application of quite a lot of force, which is why special power steering systems are used. In this case, the pump, which was powered by the engine drive, pumped a fluid that allowed the hydraulic system to function properly. Some vehicle models also use electrical systems, in which case the pump is powered by a battery or an alternator. This design uses electric actuators to replace pressure-controlled components. Currently, cars are equipped with power steering as standard, thanks to which we can move the steering wheel without resistance, making a turn of the wheels. For the whole system to work properly, an efficient power steering pump is needed.

The steering system, just like all vehicle components, can be subject to various types of failures, then we will notice, for example, play on the steering wheel, in addition, we can also feel jerks. In this case, it is worth checking all the elements, often the problem may be damage to the power steering pump. If the rotation of the steering wheel is engaged, it may be the result of too low pressure generated by the pump, in addition, the system may become air-tight and the power steering system will jam, another cause may also be a loose belt.

In some cases, we can feel that the power steering is completely dead, in this case it means damage to the pump, it may be seized. Another cause could be a broken drive belt. Currently, we can replace the steering pump, we can buy a new model or a used one, on the website Power steering pump search for regenerated, fully functional power steering pumps. For some older cars, we may not find a new pump on sale. Therefore, the only way is to replace the damaged pump with a regenerated one, in which the bearing has been replaced and all clearances have been eliminated.