What is the role of the EGR valve?

What is the basic role of the EGR valve, which must be in every car? Of course, first of all, let’s assume that EGR valves have been used to reduce the emission of harmful exhaust gases, including nitrogen oxide, which thanks to it does not get into the atmosphere in such a large amount.

Highlights of the power steering pump

The modern automotive industry is a vast industry that includes not only many types of vehicles, but also a variety of systems, parts and solutions used in cars. This wide range includes, among others, power steering systems, the key elements of which are pumps. They are responsible for giving the right pressure to the hydraulic … [Read more…]

Air conditioning in your car is not working properly?

Are you aware that your car’s air conditioning is not working properly? Of course, it is difficult to say unequivocally what is the reason for this, namely you have to focus on individual elements, such as the compressor or compressor, of which the entire car air conditioning system is made. Also, do not be surprised … [Read more…]

Do you love driving comfort in your car?

Do you appreciate the certain driving comfort that your car offers you, especially in the context of electric windows, central locking and, at the same time, heated seats or air conditioning? Of course, these are nowadays solutions that are not only very popular, but also those that we want to have in our car because … [Read more…]

Air suspension – basic information

Nowadays, it can be seen that modern cars have many important features that distinguish them from older vehicles. They differ not only in appearance or the type of engine installed. It is important that modern vehicles also have many other elements of a more modern character. This is, among others, about the air suspension, which … [Read more…]

How safe do you feel in your car?

Certainly, almost all of you have a driving license as well as your own cars of very different brands. And we suspect that all of you want to always feel as comfortable as possible in your vehicles during smaller or larger journeys. But is this what you feel when you go even to a neighboring … [Read more…]

What’s your speed meter in your car?

It is possible that you, too, have been looking around the domestic car market for the best possible and, above all, the best-working meters, whose task is to measure the speed of your car. And you may be wondering where you can buy it without any hassle. However, do you already know such a company? … [Read more…]

How does the air conditioning work in the car?

Air conditioning is one of the options in the comfort system that many modern cars are equipped with. It allows you to create an optimal temperature in the cabin both in winter and summer. Therefore, it is worth finding out what the specificity of this system is, what is the difference between the standard version … [Read more…]