Air suspension – basic information

Nowadays, it can be seen that modern cars have many important features that distinguish them from older vehicles. They differ not only in appearance or the type of engine installed. It is important that modern vehicles also have many other elements of a more modern character. This is, among others, about the air suspension, which is replacing the standard suspension elements in an increasing number of passenger cars, vans and trucks.

What is worth knowing about air suspension?

As the name suggests, air suspension uses air elements, however the overall design is in many ways similar to the standard suspension. Of course, the main purpose of such solutions is to eliminate vibrations and shocks associated with driving on an uneven road. The entire system is quite comprehensive and includes not only typical suspension components, but also various sensors and controls. Thanks to this, the functionality of such systems is at a very high level.

A very important, modern element of the air suspension is a special control unit. The controller operates based on information provided by a network of sensors. Thanks to this, it is possible to adjust the ground clearance and the height of the suspension location. In this way, you can adapt the vehicle to your preferred driving style (calm, moderate, sporty, etc.). In many vehicles, it is also possible to set the suspension by yourself using special switches, which is appreciated by a large group of car users.

It is worth remembering that there are many companies on the market that specialize in the sale of air suspension components. You can find a lot of interesting offers on the Internet, for example at Thanks to online sales, everyone has easy access to parts that allow you to adjust, modify or repair the air suspension.