Air damper and its operation

Every car has a throttle that determines the way the vehicle works. Contrary to appearances, the throttle has a huge impact on how the car functions, and without this element, for example, acceleration is impossible, and this completely prevents the correct operation of the car.

The air damper supplies air to the engine cylinders, making it easy to change speed as you press the accelerator pedal to open the throttle inlet, allowing more air to enter the engine, allowing you to increase vehicle speed as well. You can see and buy such a damper at a store that specializes in damper sales.

What is an air damper?

The throttle is nothing more than a structural element of the vehicle, and this element is necessary for the proper operation of the car. If the throttle has a fault, the vehicle will of course be able to move, but in principle acceleration with such a vehicle will not be possible. Throttle faults are very often connected with faults of the stepper motor, which supplies air to the motor when we do not press the gas pedal. This mechanical part works very well in cars that are regularly inspected and repaired. If the vehicle has not passed the service, this particular part may fail. It cannot always be removed by cleaning the system. It may happen that this operation will not bring any effect and it will be necessary to completely replace not only the throttle but also the stepper motor. If you need to buy a new throttle, it is certainly worth paying attention to the offers available at throttle-body . There you can buy specialized car throttles for various vehicle models. Thanks to favorable prices, the purchase will be very profitable.