What is the role of the EGR valve?

What is the basic role of the EGR valve, which must be in every car? Of course, first of all, let’s assume that EGR valves have been used to reduce the emission of harmful exhaust gases, including nitrogen oxide, which thanks to it does not get into the atmosphere in such a large amount. Therefore, it performs an important function, and thus its efficient operation, by reducing the amount of oxygen that does not go to the combustion chamber, is very important in this situation. Sure, it is often said that driving a car without an EGR valve is possible, and we often delay its replacement. Unfortunately, this is a very bad behavior and approach, because it can cost us a lot, not only in getting a ticket, but also in simply damaging the engine. A large amount of exhaust fumes causes its unfavorable and uneven operation, sometimes even systematic interruptions in its proper operation, which is better not allowed. Excessive smoke from the exhaust pipe, characteristic and dark exhaust gases should give us, together with the Check Engine light, that it is worth visiting the diagnostic station to find out what is the reason. Often we will not even be forced to replace, but only clean the EGR valve, which is simply clogged, there are various impurities in it, which also caused its possible blockage.

How can you tell if the EGR valve is damaged?

The Check Engine light should always make us think that the problem is with our engine, and there is nothing to underestimate such a situation here. If there is also, as mentioned above, black smoke coming out of the exhaust pipe, then we may have reason to believe that it is the fault of the faulty EGR valve. More information about it can be found at www EGR valve, which is also a way to get to a store specializing in the sale of used car parts. It guarantees a comprehensive approach to their possible selection, or help in finding those we are currently looking for.